All About Trust
All About Trust

Crowd-funding platform that tells the way money is really spent.

Make a Wish

Honesty is hardly ever heard And mostly what I need from you ♪

Whenever people talk about charities and crowd-funding, they often hesitate about donation. The reason is that there are too many scandals around tech startups and non-profits, like Kickstarter campaigns not able to fulfill product delivery and their founders disappeared, or charities took a cut too much for “operational costs”. It is similar to how Hong Kong pedestrians avoid flag-sellers because they know too little about the flag-selling organizations. To tackle this problem of trust, we built a crowd-funding platform with new mechanism.

How Giffon Works

As simple as 🎂

Make a Wish

1. Create a Wish

User creates a wish on Giffon, states the exact items in need.


2. Find Supporters

User can write their stores behind, find supporters to chip in, with no fixed amount.


3. Reach the Goal

Once succeeded, Giffon will order and send the items to user.

Why Giffon?
piggy bank

Every Dollar Counts

Users in Giffon are free to support with NO fixed amount. Feel free :)


Make it Trustworthy

Wish owners receive exact gifts but not money, you know exactly where the money goes.


We handle it all

We help to handle the purchase and shipment, more carefree for the supporters and owner.

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Peace of Mind

We provide anonymous options, and no card number will be saved.

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