Giffon for Open Source Software Developers

There are many devs work on open source projects in their spare time. Those projects can be useful to a lot of people, yet it is still hard to make a living just by building open source works. Eventually, people are tired and projects go unmaintained .

Giffon provides users an easy way to show their appreciation to the open source developers. The open source community as a whole can keep the good vibes, avoid developer burnout, and build the next-big-thing together .

Make a wish in Giffon and let the community buy you a gift!

Wish ideas

Here are some goodies that can be useful to open source developers.

IDE License

Get a license to use the pro version of a good IDE to enhance development. JetBrains? Sublime? Visual Studio? Your choice.

Upgrade your computer

A faster computer means less waiting time during development. Stay in the zone.

Dev Swags

Show off the love of your favourite projects by putting their logo stickers on your laptop, wearing branded T-shirts, hugging mascot stuffed animals.

How does Giffon compare to other services?

  • Good for individuals
  • Developers receive gifts

    It is more likely for people to contribute if they know how their money will be spent.

  • 8% fee

    The service charge is 8% of the wish value, paid by contributions. Giffon is 100% free for developers.

Open Collective
  • Project/team-based
  • Projects/teams receive money

    People state how the money is spent, but there is no enforcement or verification.

  • 5 or 10% + payment processor fees + payout fees

    5 or 10% depended on handling method, plus roughly 3-5% payment processor fees, plus payout fees.

GitHub Sponsors
  • Good for individuals
  • Individuals receive money

    Contributors do not know how their money contribution is spent.

  • Unknown processing fees apply (in the future)

    GitHub Sponsors is free in its first year, but it stated it may charge a nominal processing fee in the future.